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Couples & Money

Money is named one of the top struggles for relationships this Valentine’s Day! Money is often a source of disagreement in relationships. This Valentine’s Day, get on the same page with your significant other. Certified Financial Planner Michael Reese talked with KVUE-TV about the 5 most common money mistakes couples should avoid.

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Chalk Talk: Safe Withdrawal Rates

  Hi, this week in Chalk Talk, we’re gonna dive into this topic know as safe withdrawal rates. We’re talking about life cycle investing and what I’m really talking about here is the time when you retire. So here you are, you’re retired, and the question is, how much can you pull out of your…

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Chalk Talk: Sequence of Return Risk

  All right, folks. This week in Chalk Talk, we are going to look at this concept known as sequence of return risk. What the heck is that? I mean, that sounds like some fancy financial talk, right? Well, we’re going to look at, first, the impact that it has, and then I’ll kind of…

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Chalk Talk: The Power of Indexing

  Welcome to this week’s Chalk talk. We are talking about the power of indexing. Here is a little example of just a hypothetical example of what markets might do. Let’s pretend, let’s pretend. You start with, I don’t know, a 100 thousand dollars and the very first year, you’re up 20%. Yeah, it’s awesome….

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Chalk Talk: Income Model

  All right, this week on Chalk Talk we’re going to talk a little bit about an income model. Remember this week we’re talking about several income models. In this particular model, this is called the S.I.P.S. Model, and S.I.P.S. stands for Sequential Income Portfolio System. Okay? Sequential Income Portfolio System. And the idea is…

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