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Chalk Talk: Different Uses of Life Insurance with Retirement Planning

Welcome to Chalk Talk. This week we are looking at the different uses of life insurance with retirement planning. And what we are going to talk about in this session is IRA’s and comparing the concept of doing a Roth conversion versus doing something called an IRA rollout into certain types of life insurance. So…

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Chalk Talk: The Ideal Portfolio

  All right, this week’s Chalk Talk, this is one of my favorite discussions, talking about what we call the ideal portfolio, using this as a model. There’s something particular I want to talk about. Whenever you invest money at all, there are three primary characteristics that you’re investing towards. You’re looking to have a…

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Why is Investing Like Rock Climbing?

Have you ever looked up a 100 ft wall with the intention of climbing up that wall? I have, and it’s a bit daunting! When you climb a wall, you must decide to take one of two general approaches – you can free climb that wall, or you can use stakes. How does this relate to…

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Your 2019 Financial Plan!

It’s already a new year! And it’s also a great time to get your retirement planning ducks in a row. With that in mind, here are three tips to start the year off right.   Tip #1: Get a PLAN Do you ever feel like you have a collection of retirement accounts, but no cohesive…

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Chalk Talk: Estate Planning Basics

  This week’s Chalk Talk, we’re covering some estate planning basics and how a trust works, why to use a trust, generally speaking, and what happens if you don’t have a trust. Here’s the situation. Imagine here’s you, your spouse, and your children. Oh my gosh. I don’t want a single one of you calling…

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