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Why is Investing Like Rock Climbing?

Have you ever looked up a 100 ft wall with the intention of climbing up that wall? I have, and it’s a bit daunting! When you climb a wall, you must decide to take one of two general approaches – you can free climb that wall, or you can use stakes. How does this relate to…

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Your 2019 Financial Plan!

It’s already a new year! And it’s also a great time to get your retirement planning ducks in a row. With that in mind, here are three tips to start the year off right.   Tip #1: Get a PLAN Do you ever feel like you have a collection of retirement accounts, but no cohesive…

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Chalk Talk: Estate Planning Basics

  This week’s Chalk Talk, we’re covering some estate planning basics and how a trust works, why to use a trust, generally speaking, and what happens if you don’t have a trust. Here’s the situation. Imagine here’s you, your spouse, and your children. Oh my gosh. I don’t want a single one of you calling…

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Chalk Talk: New Tax Law

  Welcome to this week’s Chalk Talk. As you know, we’re talking about the new tax bill and how it affects all of us. What I did is I had Larry run some different scenarios for us to see how the new tax law would compare to what we had before. So in other words,…

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Volatility is Back!

Volatility is Back! Concerns about the Fed’s future interest rate path, peak earnings, and ongoing global trade tensions fueled a rapid and substantial pullback in asset prices during October. This resulted in a 7.82% decline in the equity market, as represented by the MSCI ACWI IMI. The S&P 500 Index did not perform much better,…

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