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Types of Life Insurance

Overview One of the first considerations in your pursuit of the right policy is understanding the various types and how each relates to your situation. Life insurance policies fall under two broad categories: term and permanent. With a term policy, you purchase a death benefit amount and determine how long you want to hold the…

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3 Reasons to Own Life Insurance

Life insurance is comparable to a Swiss army knife where it is remarkably useful, versatile and essential. That said, a little-known fact about today’s life insurance policies is that they can offer much more value than just a simple death benefit. While helping secure the financial future for loved ones is the primary goal, life…

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Things to Consider For Mutual Funds

American capitalism boomed in the early part of the 20th century and the nation was right in the middle of the Industrial Revolution. Ordinary citizens enjoyed newfound wealth and the stock market soared. Everyone wanted a piece of the action. There was just one problem though: investing was not easily accessible.  Online brokerage companies such…

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What Should Your Asset Allocation Look Like in Retirement?

Investors have different goals, different timelines, and different levels of tolerance for market risk; but all investors have one thing in common, they age. As they age, regardless of their financial objectives or appetite for volatility, it is likely that they will need to change their asset allocation to meet the needs of older households.…

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The Impact of Rising Oil Prices & Investing

Consumers have enjoyed several years of low oil prices prior to present day. The year started with a rampant increase in oil prices that had not been seen in more than 3 years. Already up by 19% in April, oil is positioned for another accelerated spike due to America’s decision to dismiss themselves from the…

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