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Chalk Talk: Long-Term Care

  Hi. This week in Chalk Talk, we have got something I’m guessing you’ve not seen before. And if you have, great. But I bet most of you’ve not seen something like this. It’s a really interesting way to take $100,000 and turn it into $700,000 to pay for potential long-term care. So, let’s go…

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Chalk Talk: General Advisor vs. Retirement Specialist

  Welcome to this week’s Chalk Talk. We’re talking this week about the different between a general advisor, or general advice financial advisor and someone who is a retirement specialist. And what we’re going to talk about now is, how these folks are compensated. So, let’s imagine, it’s pretty common that your financial advisor, general…

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Chalk Talk: The Probate River

Hi, this week at Chalk Talk, we are going to look at what I like to call the probate river and it really has to do with estate planning. When you look at estate planning in general, here’s you and here’s all the stuff that you have on this side of the river. Eventually when…

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How to Avoid Bad Investment Advice

Time can cure many things, such as a bad haircut or a broken heart, but if you are near retirement, or retired, and make a miscalculation related to your investments, time is not on your side. For this reason, investors should not only work with a trusted advisor, but take the time to learn about…

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How to Pay for Long-term Care

Today, people are living longer and are consequently needing more assistance as they age. However, personal and health assistance services can be quite expensive, so it’s important to explore the options available to help pay for long-term care.   Overview While health insurance covers expenses related to acute care, such as a trip to the…

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