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Building an Income Plan

June 07, 2021

Most people entering retirement want their lifestyle to stay the same, no one wants to retire into a reduced lifestyle.

Watch this week’s episode of Retirement Today, where Mike and Zach discuss the importance of building an income plan that can fund you in retirement.

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You Need Life Insurance

June 02, 2021

Life Insurance can be a valuable asset to strengthen your financial life and well-being in retirement. There’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding the use of life insurance.

Watch this week’s episode of Mike on Money, where Mike explains why you need life insurance.

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Retiring In 5 Years

May 31, 2021

Are you nearing retirement and feel unprepared? Preparing for retirement can feel overwhelming, but there are plenty of ways to prepare to give you a greater sense of security.

Join Zach Holcomb and Michael Reese, CFP, in this week’s episode of Retirement Today, where they discuss retiring in 5 years.

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