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Stop Retiring This Way

November 22, 2021

Risk profile questionnaires can be helpful while your are trying grow your assets, but your retirement is much more nuanced and requires more planning that a multiple choice quiz.

Learn why you should stop retiring this way, on this episode of Retirement Today.

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Don’t Let the Market Dictate Your Retirement

November 17, 2021

1969 and 2000 were years in which the stock market became strongly overvalued. For the next 10 years, the stock market lost money. The stock market is currently the most overvalued it’s ever been. What will happen next?

This episode of Mike on Money explains why you don’t let the market dictate your retirement.

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You Might Not Be Ready For Retirement…

November 15, 2021

Your financial advisor might be telling you that you’re ready to retire. But have they talked to you about the necessary tax and income planning necessary to keep yourself in retirement?

Check out this week’s episode of Retirement Today, where Mike explains why you might not be ready for retirement.

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