Happy Mother’s Day


In honor of Mother’s Day we are going to share some of our favorite memories with our mom’s.


Michael D. Reese, CFP – President & Owner

Favorite Memory:

When I was a kid, maybe 8 or 9 years old, my Mom was the neighborhood “Kool-Aid” Mom.  What that meant to us was that during the summer, when it was time for lunch, we could all just show up as a group at my house and my Mom would make us grilled cheese for lunch, or PB&J sandwiches, and top it off with a fresh quart of Kool-Aid.


She always had every flavor of Kool-Aid in the house, and each day was a new flavor.


As you can imagine, as far as the kids on the block were concerned, my Mom was the BEST!  But I already knew that.



Becky Reese – Client Service Associate

Favorite Memory:

My favorite memory is her reading to my kids. They would just cuddle up to her and she’d read to them for hours.


Elizabeth James, CRPS – Financial Advisor

Favorite Memory:

My favorite memory is riding bikes on Kiawah Island.


Kevin Wade – Financial Advisor

Favorite Memory:

My favorite Memory of my mom is knowing that she was my biggest fan.  From Little Leagues through college she was at almost every game, whether it was a 100 degree baseball doubleheader in the middle of July or a 5 degree football game in Late November, she was always there.



Terri Steele – Client Service Specialist

Favorite Memory:

Living with us after her divorce, helping with the children, going back to college to get her degree in child development and starting her career that she loved.  Great role model for me and my children.  She would be doing her homework at the dining table as the children did their homework and the children thought that was funny that at her age, she still had to do homework.


Sara Reese – Marketing Manager

Favorite Memory:

My favorite Memory of my mom is traveling all over the country to run half marathons together. Being the oldest of five I didn’t get a lot of time just my mom and I so I always looked forward to the mother daughter trips.


Susie Rios – Administrative Assistant

Favorite Memory:

My favorite memory of my mom would be when I was little, we used to take walks on the weekends to Town Lake to feed the ducks followed by ice cream at Sandys.


Samantha Denoyer – Administrative Assistant

Favorite Memory:

My mom always taught me that giving back to the community was so important. We were always on the go helping with the local church or organizing fundraisers for the American Cancer Society! This has molded me into a better person and motivates me to continue to give back!
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